what we do

Helping you find the property of your dreams with real value.

Shikara limited are real estate developers that deal with distinctive urban properties in the leafy suburbs of Nyali, Mombasa.  We provide fully furnished luxurious properties in close proximity to the Indian ocean and beautiful coastline views.  Our various properties are made to fit your dream home, creating real value for your stay in Mombasa. 


As an engraver we also offer premium engraving services as well as supply quality crystals, trophies and awards. Everything is tailor-made to match our clients specifications. We have a team of professionals ready to help you through the identification of your ideal property and the selection process of what suits you best together with experienced engravers and CNC specialists talented in design for all your crystal engraving solutions.



Our Core values include the following: top customer experience, reliability, innovation, uniqueness, and integrity 

shikara emgravers

We have the best Engraving services and sell different types of trophies